Friday, January 19, 2007


Meditation has been extremely popular nowadays specially to the people who are suffered from mental problems, addictions(drugs, smoking, alcohols), anxiety, daily tensions or any psychological problems and also to the people who are seeking for relaxation, immense happiness, real joy, positive thoughts, problem solving skills, compassion, tolerance, confidence and much more psychological benefits.

Many people are confused of the meaning of meditation. Some people relate it to the traditions, religious practices; while others thinks them as the psychological purification. Whatever the dogma people believes but meditation is awareness of insight or simply awareness of some objects.It has been practised in several forms since centuries ago.
We can find several meditation techniques based on focus of mind on background perception and experience( mindfulness), focus on predetermined selective objects, etc. Some of the popular meditation are as follows:

1. Bahá'í Faith
2. Vipassanna
3. Samayika
4. Mantra meditation
5. Surat shabd yoga "sound and light meditation"
6. Transcendental Meditation
7. Natural Stress Relief
8. 5Rhythms technique, etc.

Vipassanna is a technique of meditation discovered by Gautam the Buddha. Vipassana meditation develops self understanding through comprehending feelings, mind and dhamma (the teaching or mental objects). It trains the mind to observe the various things that come in through the six senses. By practicing this meditation, you can develop wisdom which eradicates all ignorance and frees you from suffering. It is widely considered as one of the purest and finest techniques that increases your capacity for a balanced and happy living.

This technique is secular and scientific. It is not specific to the Buddhist community and is accepted in its true form in every part of the globe. It has been recently adapted in many programs that includes therapeutic process,etc. It is absolutely based on the natural principles. So it is simple but effective method of meditation. Everyone can give trial to this meditation and find the difference on different aspects of your living.

Vipassana meditation includes 3 aspects taught by the Buddha without which the technique of meditation is incomplete.The first aspect is a spiritual path i.e., adherence to a sila (abstinence from killing, stealing, lying, sexual misconduct and intoxication). This path should be followed strictly beside which noble silence that means absolute silence of your body and mind and not disturbing other while meditating, should be followed for better meditation. This step is not an end in itself but a requirement for the second part, concentration of the mind (samādhi).

The concentration of the mind is first developed through another meditation called anapana meditation. The anapana meditation includes concentrating mind to the sensations felt or incoming and outgoing natural breath on the smaller area of the nostril area which sharpens the mind. The anapana meditation skills one to sharpen mind on any small part of the body.

With the concentrated mind, the third training, in the context of this technique paññā, is detached observation of the reality of the mind and body from moment to moment.In this meditation the body is scanned throughout to observe the different sensations on the body. The observation of the sensation only includes the observation and awareness of the sensation on the body not to react on the sensation. This practice is thought to develop a deep, experiential understanding of the impermanence of reality and also brings to the surface and dissolves deep-seated complexes and tensions. The technique fosters development of insight and needs to be continued as a way of life in order to having lasting effects.

The technique also includes metta bhavana which is to foster the feelings of kindness to all the beings of the world.

The ultimate goal of this meditation is purity of mind and art of living. Results have shown extremely good results in the vipassanna meditators. Vipassanna meditation is teached in every part of the globe as a free service.Any one interested should first accept the rules and they are given 10 day courses of the vipassanna meditation.

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May all beings be happy and healthy